TubeMate for Windows YouTube Downloader

Saving video from YouTube and 1000+ video sharing sites

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TubeMate isn't the famous YouTube downloader for Windows or Mac. But speaking of Android YouTube Downloader, it is the most popular one. Right, TubeMate is an Android app that helps you directly save video from YouTube to your Android storage - the internal storage or SD card. It saves your time to download YouTube video at home or anywhere with Wifi connection, and watch on the go. You should definitely install this if you're a YouTube addict.

For those who are searching for a TubeMate for Windows installer, you'll be disappointed because TubeMate only works on Android OS - Android smartphone or tablet. Only APK installer is available. Fortunately, there are many helpful YouTube downloader for Windows you can choose from. Here I humbly recommend Wondershare AllMyTube which is fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and ever Mac. Get it for free trial in Windows now!

1-Click to Save YouTube Video to PC

As easy as tapping a video in TubeMate for Android

tubemate for pc

Wondershare AllMyTube lets you save YouTube video to your Windows PC as easy as what you do with TubeMate on your Android device. Yes, just in one click, your video will be saved to your Windows computer in high quality. 2 ways are possible: 1 - There will be a download button in the top right corner of the YouTube player if this TubeMate for Windows alternative has been installed normally. 2 - After copying the YouTube video link, simply click the Paste URL button to start downloading video. Note that the big 3 web browsers are all supported. They are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If the download button doesn't show, go the Settings > Addon to make sure it's enabled correctly.

Batch Download YouTube Videos

Taking full use of your bandwidth to download faster

tubemate for windows batch download

Usually Windows computers are faster than Android devices because they have faster CPU and larger memory. So why not download YouTube video in your PC with TubeMate for Windows equivalent first and then transfer to your Android devices? This not only saves your time, but it's also more convenient if you want to edit or convert the downloaded YouTube videos. Wondershare AllMyTube allows you to download up to 99 videos at the same time. Plus, a Turbo Mode is included to boost the download process 3 times faster, maximize the use of bandwidth.

Download Ultra HD YouTube Videos

Choosing your favorite video resolutions (4K Available) in Windows

tubemate for windows hd videos

Now Full HD (1080p) is not the best, 4K is better. Whatever, Wondershare AllMyTube lets you decide what to download. HQ? HD? HTML5, 4K? No problem at all! High quality YouTube videos mean large file size. It's not a good idea to download YouTube video with gigabytes size using TubeMate for Android, right? Your Android storage will exhaust very soon if you're doing so. Just switch to the TubeMate for Windows solution.

Wirelessly Transfer Video to Devices

With the help of Wondershare Player App on your device

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When YouTube videos are downloaded (and converted if necessary), you're able to transfer them to your Android device wirelessly, using the Wondershare Player app. Simply scan the QR code to install Wondershare Player and match it with your Windows PC. When connecting is finished, select the video you want to transfer and they will appear on your Android device in minutes.

Directly Download YouTube as MP3

Compatible with 150+ video, audio and device types

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This is a big bang for music enthusiasts. Usually the process is downloading video with a YouTube downloader and then converting it with another MP3 converter. Now all in one - Directly save audio from YouTube to MP3 files. It's faster and better, which may save you big time and money if you have hundreds of songs to download. Besides MP3, this TubeMate for Windows alternative enables you to directly download YouTube video to the selected formats, like MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, Android, Samsung, iPhone, and so on. Wait! Did I mention Wondershare AllMyTube also supports other video sharing sites? 1000+ YouTube-like sites are fully supported. It's much better than TubeMate but for Windows, as you're looking for.

Download TubeMate for Windows alternative right now. You won't be disappointed.