TubeMate for Windows 7 YouTube Downloader

Saving video from YouTube to Windows 7 HDD

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TubeMate is an awesome YouTube downloader that lets you download YouTube video or YouTube audio in one click. Unfortunately, it only runs on Android devices. For Windows 7 users, the best choice is to find a TubeMate for Windows 7 alternative. So what's the best TubeMate alternative for Windows PCs?

In our research, Wondershare AllMyTube is the widely-used YouTube downloader for Windows . Its key feature is downloading YouTube video in excellent experience. First, the download button is perfectly integrated into your web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). With a single click, you can download YouTube video right from your web browser. Second, the download speed is impressive. Third, various formats and resolutions are available. Based on these, it's the best TubeMate for Windows 7 alternative. Get a free trial now!

One Click to Save Video to Windows 7

Using the download button like YouTube natively provided

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Like TubeMate's green download button, Wondershare AllMyTube's blue download button works like a magic. It appears when your video shows in the YouTube video page of your web browser. Simply click it to choose your resolutions to download. As for the final format of the video, you have two choices: convert it after downloading or set it before clicking the download button. It's totally up to you. Note that once you activate the Download then Convert mode, all your video will be downloaded to the selected format directly.

Download YouTube Videos in Batch

Fastest TubeMate for Windows 7 YouTube Downloader

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Multiple downloads and download acceleration is included to boost your video download in Windows 7. When you're watching YouTube video, click the download button to add a video to the download queue. This TubeMate for Windows 7 alternative can download up to 10 videos at the same time. If you've enabled the Turbo mode, your video will be downloaded 3x faster. Wondershare's exclusive multithreading accelerator will boost YouTube video download speed intelligently.

Save High Quality YouTube Videos

From 240p to Full HD and 4K

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By default, YouTube will be saved to 480p resolutions. In fact, the desired quality could be lower or higher up to 4K. It's all available in the Download menu from your web browser. For streaming video sites like Netflix, you can also record the video in the original quality. Besides YouTube, this TubeMate for Windows 7 equivalent also supports 1000+ video sharing sites like Vimeo, TED, Dailymotion, FunnyOrDie, etc.

Wirelessly Transfer Video to Devices

Saying goodbye to USB cable

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To transfer the downloaded YouTube videos to your Android or iOS device wirelessly, Wondershare Player is required. Please install it before transferring video. Prior to that, you only need to match your device with your computer. When matching is finished successfully, open the program and go to Downloaded or Converted tab to select the video you want to transfer and right click to choose Transfer. It will be transferred in minutes.

Play and Manage YouTube Videos

The closest TubeMate Equivalent for Windows 7

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TubeMate lets you easily play and manage the downloaded YouTube video, AllMyTube does the same and more. The built-in video player enables you to watch video in high quality and full screen. You can even use it as a common media player by importing local MP4 and FLV videos to the Library. If you want to share the video with your family and friend, simply click the Facebook or Twitter button in the Library. Watching and sharing is fun.

Is it your ideal TubeMate alternative for Windows 7? Why not get a free trial now.