Top 5 TubeMate for Windows 8 Alternatives

Choosing from the best YouTube downloader for Windows 8

tubemate for windows alternative

TubeMate is a must-have application for many Android users. It enables people to download YouTube video directly on Android. Although it may be not powerful, it successfully meets people's requirements to watch YouTube video offline, or to save the video in case of being deleted from YouTube. But now if want to use it on your Windows 8 computer, you will be disappointed because it doesn't work on any Windows computer. Only Androive version was released.

Never mind. This article gives you the top 5 choices of YouTube downloader software for Windows 8. They are the best TubeMate for Windows 8 alternatives. Pick one to download YouTube videos in Windows 8 and get more besides downloading. Each TubeMate alternative has its own unique feature.

#1 TubeMate for Windows 8 Alternative: Wondershare AllMyTube

The closest TubeMate alternative in terms of features

tubemate for windows 8

Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows 8 makes it easy and simple to download YouTube videos, as well as videos from any YouTube-like sites. Wihtout any doubt, YouTube is Google's best product except Google Search. However, due to many reason, YouTube doesn't provide a download link to save a YouTube video. With the help of Wondershare AllMyTube, you'll get a download button like it's provided by YouTube. Simply click the download button to save YouTube video in your favorite resolutions.

This TubeMate for Windows 8 alternative comes with lots of extras, including the ability to download YouTube Playlists in one click and convert videos into over 150 formats. The Download then Convert feature lets you set a final format, when you click the download button in your web browser, you get a video file in the selected format, like MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, WMA, WMV, etc. Similar to TubeMate, AllMyTube allows you to play the downloaded video in high quality and full screen. You can even transfer video to your Android or iOS device wirelessly. It's not only an alternative to TubeMate. In our opinion, it's also a great companion of TubeMate and your mobile device.

Download Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows 8 now.

#2 TubeMate for Windows 8 Alternative: Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

An ideal choice for music enthusiasts

tubemate for windows 8

YouTube's the best choice to watch online videos, but there are many users who only use it to listen to popular music. DVDVideoSoft's Free youTube to MP3 Converter is a simple tool to extract YouTube soundtrack to MP3 file directly. As you can see in the figure, you're able to batch save YouTube audio. To do so, just copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to extract the audio from and launch the program then press CTRL + V to start downloading it.

There is one useful feature. You can select the quality you want to extract the audio in. Also various formats are available, including MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A and OGG.

Get Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Windows 8 now.

#3 TubeMate for Windows 8 Alternative: Freemake Video Downloader

Another YouTube Downloader for Windows 8 with powerful features

tubemate for windows 8

Like Wondershare AllMyTube, this TubeMate for Windows 8 equivalent lets you download and convert YouTube video fast and easy. Two ways are available: 1 - Copy URL and click the Paste URL button in the program; 2 - install the Firefox add-on and thus you're able to start the download from the YouTube page itself by right-clicking on the video. Freemake Video Downloader also allows you to convert the downloaded video to regular video formats.

Compared to Wondershare AllMyTube, Freemake is not so convenient and powerful. But it has its own attitube in terms of YouTube downloader. Most Windows 8 users might want to download the video as soon as possible, but maybe sometime not. Here comes the nifty restrict bandwidth option that allows you to slow down your downloads so your Windows 8 computer can do other tasks before its resources are running out.

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#4 TubeMate for Windows 8 Alternative: aTube Catcher

A Simple but practical YouTube downloader for PC

tubemate for windows 8

Like TubeMate, aTube Catcher is a useful YouTube downlnoader. It only works in Windows. By copying and pasting URL, you can start download a YouTube video along with the audio immediately. Before downloading, you can select the output file format from the drop-down list.

aTube Catcher is known as its extra features apart from a YouTube downloader. For example, it has the ability to resize video, which allows you to cut out parts of video or lower the size of videos before sending to your friends. In the Screen Catcher tab, you can catch up a video stream from YouTube or other video sites to your hard drive directly, which means you don't have to wait until a program is completely finished, which saves you days or even weeks.

Get aTube Catcher for Windows 8 now.

#5 TubeMate for Windows 8 Alternative: Free Studio

The closest TubeMate alternative in terms of features

tubemate for windows 8

Free Studio is DVDVideoSoft's powerful and all-in-one software bundle, in addition to Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Windows 8. While most YouTube downloaders focus on the downlnoad experience, Free Studio includes all the possible tools you need after ripping the YouTube video. To warching the downloaded video on your mobile device, choose the Mobiles tool, which makes your video playable on your device without any compatibility problems. You can even burn your video or audio track to a CD or DVD for watching on TV or CD player. Have a 3D TV, convert it to 3D version with the built-in 3D Video Maker. It's the most comprehensive TubeMate for Windows 8 alternative as far as we know.

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