TubeMate for Android: Best Android Downloader

Saving video from YouTube on Android smartphones and tablets

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TubeMate YouTube Downloader is the top-rated downloader application for Android users. As its name indicated, it helps people download video from In fact, it does more than downloading YouTube videos. TubeMate for Android also allows you to search video, convert video and play video. In this article, you can download TubeMate APK, follow steps to install TubeMate to your Android device, and read an easy guide to use TubeMate for Android. Also, download the TubeMate for Windows and TubeMate for Mac alternative. Note that TubeMate only works in Android OS.

Key Features of TubeMate Android

More than a TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android

TubeMate YouTube Downloader lets you easily download YouTube videos to your Android device so you can play it offline without an Internet connection. You won't loss the video even it may be deleted from YouTube.

TubeMate provides you with multiple formats and resolutions of video to download, from the small size 320*240 video to high definition 1080p video. Apart from the normal video formats like MP4, 3GP, VP8, the common audio format MP3 is also supported. It means you can directly extract audio from a YouTube video. It's the most powerful YouTube Downloader for Android.

Except downloading video from YouTube, it also helps you easily browse YouTube video and organize downloaded video on your Android device. From this view point, it's a handy YouTube player application for Android. While you're watching YouTube video, you're able to share your favorite video to social media with your friend and family.

How to Download TubeMate APK

Saving TubeMate APK to your Android device Securely

Nowadays, the internet is not a safe place. There are many fake TubeMate download links here and there. It's always a good idea to go to official site to download TubeMate APK and install from there. Google Play store is a trusted place. If you can't find it there, go to the TubeMate for Android official site. You'll be given several certificated sites to get the TubeMate for Android APK.

Or you can directly click here to get the virus-free TubeMate APK for Android.

How to Install TubeMate for Android

Failed to install TubeMate for Android? Take it easy. Just follow this easy guide to install TubeMate for Android.

Step 1. Make sure your Android device supports APK file from unknown source. For Android 4.0 or later, go to the Settings > Security section and tap the Unknown Sources option. For Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and previous, go to the Application Settings.

tubemate for android install

Step 2. Download TubeMate for Android APK and locate it in the download list. If you can't find the download list, go to your Android web browser and tap the menu button then find the Downloads option.

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Step 3. Tap the TubeMate APK file and tap Install.

tubemate for android apk

Step 4. It takes about one minute to install TubeMate for Android.

tubemate for android installation

Step 5. Launch TubeMate for Android and start download video from YouTube immediately.

How to Use TubeMate for Android

Downloading YouTube video to Android device

It's easy to use TubeMate to save YouTube video to your Android device. If you don't know where to get started. Read this guide step by step.

Step 1. Launch TubeMate for Android from the home screen or Applications list. Then find the YouTube video you want to download. Tap it to open the player

tubemate for android use

Step 2. You'll see a green download button on top. Tap it to show the download option menu.

tubemate for android device

Step 3. Choose your desired format and resolution then tap the green download button at bottom. The YouTube video will be downloaded immediately.

tubemate for android download

Step 4. You can pull down the notification menu to show the downloading video.

tubemate for android downloading

Step 5. When the downloading complete, go back to TubeMate YouTube Downloader and tap the menu button on your device. Tap the Downloads option to show all the downloaded video. Then tap on a video to show the available options. There you'll see play and convert the downloaded YouTube video easily as you like.

tubemate for android convert

See it's easy to install and use TubeMate for Android to download YouTube videos. It's your best choice as for YouTube Downloader for Android. The only drawback is that it can't run on Windows or Mac computers. If you want to download YouTube video faster or download video from YouTube-like sites on your PC or Mac, Wondershare AllMyTube is highly recommended.

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