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Saving video from YouTube in Windows 10 The Latest Windows OS

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TubeMate is one of the most popular Android YouTube downloader, with it, you can easily browse YouTube video and directly save YouTube video to your Android. Therefore, you can enjoy them offline without using your Internet connection plan. Plus, without buffering videos, you have better video experience whether you have a WiFi or not. It saves you tons of money and time.

Now you want the same thing in Windows 10. Unfortunately, TubeMate only works on Android smartphone or tablet. You can NOT find the Windows version in its official site, regardless of the latest Windows 10. So how could you download YouTube videos in Windows 10? In fact, there are many TubeMate for Android alternatives as well as TubeMate for Windows 10 alternatives. Here I humbly recommend Wondershare AllMyTube which not only supports Windows 10, but also Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and ever Mac. Download The Best TubeMate for Windows 10 YouTube Downloader here.

Easily Download Video to Windows 10

As easy as saving a video with TubeMate for Android

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Similar to TubeMate, Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows is one of the top-rated YouTube downloader for Windows and Mac. However, it doesn't run on Android. AllMyTube is the best TubeMate for Windows 10 equivalent. It helps you download YouTube video in Windows fast and easy, and lets you wirelessly transfer to your Android device as long as your Windows 10 computer and your Android device are in the same network.

TubeMate will start downloading YouTube video as soon as you click the green download button. Likewise, Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows 10 will integrate a blue download button into your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome supported). So you're able to download YouTube videos in Windows 10 with one click. Isn't it as easy as TubeMate? Exactly!

Download YouTube Videos in Bulk

Saving big time and money with Windows 10 computer

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It's not a good idea to download multiple YouTube videos with TubeMate for Android. Differently, Windows PCs have powerful hardware so it's possible to download YouTube videos in batch for the sake of saving time. Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows enables you to download YouTube videos up to 100 at the same same. It means 100x faster than TubeMate YouTube downloader for Android.

Download YouTube Videos in Desired Resolutions

Sometimes low video resolutions are better

tubemate for windows hd videos

Unlike some Windows 10 YouTube downloaders, Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows provides you with all possible video resolutions from 240p to Full HD 1080p. Just choose your desired resolutions and it's done. You'll get a YouTube video file in no time.

By default, your video will be saved in MP4 or FLV format. However, you can then convert it to any format as you want. You can even convert it to fix any popular mobile devices, like Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, etc. Over 150 video/audio formats and device types are supported.

Wirelessly Send Video to Devices

Working together with Wondershare Player App on your device

tubemate for windows 10 downloader

Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows is the only Windows 10 YouTube downloader that allows you to transfer downloaded video wireless to your Android or iOS device. It's a killer feature for downloading YouTube videos in Windows 10 and watching videos on your mobile device. To make it work, only install Wondershare Player app and match it with your Windows 10 computer. Once it's done, right click a downloaded or converted video and choose Transfer.

Directly Save YouTube as MP3

As well as any video or audio formats like MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV ...

tubemate for windows converter

TubeMate includes Download as MP3 and Convert to MP3 options when you download a YouTube video. Similarly, Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows includes an Audio Only option in the download menu. This option lets you save YouTube video to high quality MP3 directly, without downloading large file size video data. When downloaded, this TubeMate for Windows 10 alternative empowers you to convert the downloaded video to almost any format, including but not limited to MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, WMA, FLV, MPEG, etc.

The playlist download feature is another killer feature of Wondershare YouTube downloader. In one click, you're able to download the entire YouTube playlist to your Windows 10 hard drive so that you can transfer to your Android device. You'll find playlist download option in the download menu same as MP3 download option.

AllMyTube is a perfect YouTube downloader. Download TubeMate for Windows 10 alternative right now.